A Hike on the History Trail… One hundred and Eighty years ago this week, an ill-planned skirmish led to the beginnings of Responsible Government in Canada. Citizens of Upper Canada (Ontario) were not happy with Colonial Rule.  They felt that they had no representation. There were major disputes over land allotments to members of the […]

A lone canoeist who paddled up the lake, is never seen alive again.  His death would be one of speculation and mystery. He is a part of Canadian folk lore and the mystery has endured for one century. I am very honoured to introduce to you, Thomas John Thomson. An artist with great talent. His […]

A tale of greed and murder has unfolded. A man upset with his annual stipend, in debt and attracted to a local girl is urged on by his own thoughts to commit the ultimate crime. We will introduce want and temptation. We will take you back to a small hamlet in Scotland.  The story could […]

It is really hard to compete with Hudson Bay Company but an Irishman gave it a try and the business became the most successful private company in Canada. A visionary, he defined what Canadian retail should be.  I am pleased to introduce Timothy Eaton. Timothy was born in March 1834 in Clogher, in County Tyrone […]

Some emigrants were not meant to struggle with the hardship of pioneer life. Such is the man who founded the village of Oak Ridges. The Frenchman was too ingrained in the ways of his homeland and could not handle the changes that would come before him. I am pleased to introduce you to Joseph-Geneviève, Comte […]

As you drive north and west from Toronto, you stumble upon a little crossroad with a statue on the corner. Long ago this little crossroad was the largest town north of York. And the man who created this town was a man of great passion. He loved dearly and he had opinions that were stronger […]

Ever wondered if you had only gone that little bit further? What would have happened if you had? One fellow did and ended up having a town named after him. Not just a small town, but a large important area full of agriculture. I am pleased to introduce to you the Founding Father of Stouffville, […]